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UI QoL improvements for fishing.


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I guess here is as good as any place to put this. Basically, I kind of enjoy "fishing" sometimes as a relaxing thing to do when I don't feel like frantically running around a mission. Not to mention I need fish guts for parts/materials and fish for trophy decorations. In any case, my biggest gripe is...after every fish, the UI announces the type of fish we've just caught, the size and some flavor text. While this is all well and good during the beginning when it has some novelty...having to hit escape after every fish caught kind of starts to get old really quickly. It breaks the immersion/flow of catching the fish and it reduces my enjoyment of the activity. It would be nice if we can get a toggleable gameplay/ui option to turn on/off the trophy screen.

Secondly, on Venus, it matters whether or not it's warm or cold weather, etc. And it's not really helpful to have to keep opening the map to see whether it's warm or cold... So it would be nice when we're out and about Orb Vallis if we could get a temperature gauge. Perhaps a small icon in the shape of an old school glass thermometer that is red during warm weather, blue during cold weather, with a series of up arrows in red to let us know it's warming up and a series of down arrows in blue to let us know it's cooling off again. Once again, a toggleable gameplay/ui option to turn on/off the temperature icon.

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