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Archwing & Weapon Additions


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With the Release of Fortuna part two the introduction of the gravimag module was brought in, allowing the use of Arch-Guns In missions and open worlds.
I have already seen a rise is activity in the Archwing areas; Missions played as well as mod & Arch-parts trading. 
As someone who actually likes Archwing (I know we're rare) it is good to finally see Archwing getting more attention for DE and no doubt there will be even more attention to it with the upcoming release of Railjack set to be released sometime in 2019.

All of this has got me to thinking though, perhaps there should be more additions to this area before then, Over the past few days since the release of Fortuna part 2 i have bee putting more work in to my Archwings and Weapons adding more forma where needed and farming for the new mods. This has lead to many ideas coming to mind, granted i know all of them may not be feasible nor good.
None the less though i thought i might make a post a list some of my ideas and welcome others to do the same.

  • Arch-Gun Rivens: Now that we can use them in more places then just Archwing missions they are seeing more use. Rivens would allow more to be gotten out of them.
  • More Guns: More variety would be nice to see, we have some very out there guns for our frames. What about a ballista, a large crossbow that can pierce multiple enemies.
  • Archwing Augments: We already have these in the form of Cold Snap, Afterburner and Energy Field, but most Warframes have 2 or 3 augments and the Amesha doesn't even have one!
  • Archwing/Weapon Skins: Us Tenno love to fashion frame, it be nice to see more cosmetics or even opened up to Tennogen.
  • Control: The Archwings already have an "advanced" control scheme in the form of the Experimental Flight that you can find in settings, but perhaps a revisit to this could be nice.
  • Missions: Archwing already has unique missions like Rush & Pursuit and i do not doubt there will be a plethora of added Archwing missions in Railjack or even a dedicated system/Planet to them but it could be interesting to see survival or defence missions added in.
  • Companions: I realised that i have a lot mission when it comes to my codex for Archwing enemies, and it made me think it'd be nice to be able to equip my Helios and have it help me out. And that lead into what about unique Archwing companions? 
  • Gear: We can use most gear items in Archwing; Pads, Scanners ... that's actually about it, oh and fireworks that ones important. Archwing Spectres come to mind as an addition.

I am sure i will think of like 5 more things as soon as i post this but these are the ones floating on top.
There really is an abundance of things that could be added in little or big that could make a big difference to Archwing and its popularity.


Do not forget that if you have any ideas post them in the comments, it be great to see what others are thinking.

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