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✨ Baros Backyard Sales ✨ 39 godly and demi-godly rivens for 30 diffrent weapons! Ѽ NEW TODAY: Lanka (+cc +cd +dmg -sc) | Also included: Akjagara (+cc +cd +dmg +recoil), Tombfinger (+cc +ms +dmg -sd), Catchmoon (+ms +dmg -imp) & more

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All weapons that are part of the collection:
Ack & Brunt, Acrid, Akjagara, Akmagnus, Akvasto, Amprex, Arca Scisco, Catchmoon, Cernos, Daikyu, Dokrahm, Gaze, Gram, Gunsen, Knell, Lanka, Lato, Latron, Lecta, Mewan, Opticor, Paris, Phage, Pyrana, Stradavar, Strun, Tiberon, Tombfinger, Twin Vipers, Vectis

All rivens listed:


Ack & Brunt Tempi-croniata 1k
Acrid Visi-satido 500
Akjagara Crita-acriata 10k
Akmagnus Crita-hexacan 3k
Akvasto Visi-lexican 2.5k
Amprex Sati-acridex 1k
Arca Scisco Hexa-acrican 1.5k
Catchmoon Conci-satiata 5k
Catchmoon Visi-hexacron 2.5k
Catchmoon Visican 6k
Cernos Sati-concicron 1.5k
Daikyu Conci-acricron 1.5k
Dokrahm Locti-cronitis 3k
Gaze Critaata 1k
Gram Acricron 3k
Gram Locti-critatis 3.5k
Gunsen Acri-gelicron 500
Knell Hexa-critacan 1k
Lanka Crita-visitis 4k
Lato Acri-satidex 1k
Latron Visi-hexacan 1.5k
Lecta Toxi-loctiata 500
Mewan Visi-critatis 3.5k
Opticor Visi-critacan 4k
Paris Satitis 1k
Phage Hexa-satinok 2.5k
Pyrana Acri-saticron 4.5k
Pyrana Sati-critatox 2.5k
Stradavar Sati-toxiata 1.5k
Strun Sati-toxiata 4k
Tiberon Hexa-acrican 2k
Tiberon Visi-hexanok 1k
Tombfinger Sati-critatis 6k
Tombfinger Visican 3k
Twin Vipers Crita-satidex 3k
Twin Vipers Satiata 1k
Vectis Hexa-visicron 1.5k
Vectis Visican 1k
Vectis Visicron 1k

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