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Weapons and frames not leveling


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'Ello, I've been trying to level weapons for a while to increase mastery but my weapons don't gain any EXP from anyting and sometimes gain an absurd amount for nothing (only hapened once). I've had friends give me tips to level my weapons but nothing has worked so far, warframes and companions don't level either but sometimes do. Not sure what causes it, not sure if this should be in this section of the forum either but was told to put this here

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8 hours ago, Phe0nixGamin9 said:

I've been trying to level weapons

How, exactly?

Are you killing enemies with the weapons you're trying to rank up?
Are you within Affinity sharing range of other players when they're killing enemies?

Because if, say, you're playing Solo and using a Rank 30 weapon and / or abilities to kill,
and expect the Affinity from that to also go to your unused weapons, well, that's just not gonna happen.


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