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Pet Dual Stat Mods - not combining elements properly


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As said from the title. I'm here to address the bugs with the dual stat mods for pets.


For example this has been happening a lot. Its not correcting itself wherever i put the dual stat mods. It should follow the same dual stat code as the ones for melee/primary/secondary, but it doesn't seem to do so. Right here it should be Viral/Radiation. This has been like this ever since the Pet Dual Stat Mods came out  when i first tried it.


Here's another example, this should be Viral/Heat but its not due to the fact that they didn't code these the right way to have it not interfere with the existing elemental combo that is there before you add the third or fourth dual stat pet mod. It should be fixed to how it works on the primary/secondary/melee dual stat mods as well since that is how its supposed to be and not like this. I noticed this from the very start of fortuna and when we got these mods that is why i have been avoiding them but no one seems to have brought this to the attention of DE or the forums yet. It's very annoying since i want my dog or cat to use Viral/Heat while i'm using these dual stat mods. I hope that this will be fixed soon so i can start using these mods more since they are a good addition to our companions.

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Someone in the german section mentioned this as well and I tried it, too. Using 3 mods still displays them correctly but in wrong order and as soon as there are all 4 mods installed the system uses Blast + Corrosion.

As tests show pets will always do Blast and Corrsion damage which is kinda dumb

Here are some additional screenshots to support OP




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