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WTS Rivens: Catchmoon, Vulkar, Gaze and 4 unroll

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Catchmoon Visi-toxitis 2400p

CD 84.6% Tox 85.3% DMG 215.3% -Infest 33.8%

Vulkar Visi-critatis 2200p

CC 168.3% CD 132.9% DMG 194.7%

Gaze Acri-toxiata 1000p

DMG 16.6% CD 7.9% Tox 7.4%



Euphona Prime Toxipha 125p

Furax Acri-igniton 25p 

Ocucor Scilis 100p

Glaxion Decitis 60p


Message me in-game, if no respond add me with a note, send a forum message as well with your timezone and when you are usually on your time

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