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So let's talk about Ember (dumb rework ideas)


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So, this is some ideas I've been kicking about for a few months about some possible touch ups on this Warframe. Keep in mind that while I have reasonable time in all of my warframes, I don't really "main" any frame. As such, I would like feedback from anyone with more extensive knowledge on her performance to be able to better adjust this.

The rework idea was for maintaining Ember's presence as an embodiment of flame: frail and able to be snuffed out, but also destructive and awe-inspiring. Giving power to those who harness it, while reminding the wielder of it's nature to destroy everything around it, including them.
The first idea is to fully change the passive ability from "Ignition." There is only about one-to-two enemies per faction that has the potential to set an enemy ablaze, and as most Embers primarily use World on Fire to stun and damage enemies, it is unlikely to proc naturally. While self immolation is possible with self damage, Ember's frail defences can make this very ill-advised. As such, I propose a new Passive entirely:

Ember's abilities would be changed to generate a "Heat Gauge," that would enhance her powers. Heat starts at 0% at the beginning of a mission, or when revived, and can cap at 200%. Heat decreases by 8% per Second if Ember does not generate any additional Heat for 5 seconds (not affected by modding). Every 1% of Heat increases Ember's Power Strength and decreases Ember's Power Efficiency (not affected by modding). This is a 1-1 ratio, so at 50% Heat she would have an additional 50% Power Strength to her abilities, and an additional 50% to her energy cost. This also means that 200% Heat, Ember has 200% Power Strength and -200% Efficiency, tripling her costs. Heat is generated or reduced by usage of her abilities (mentioned below to each one), and also by Sliding, Rolling, and Back-flips. In addition, at 100% Heat, she would become "Overheated." While Overheated, Ember has +20% increased Casting Speed, restores 1 Energy per Second, and a 30% chance every 20 seconds to set herself on fire for 7 seconds. As it increases to 150% and 200%, these effects would further increase. At 150% Heat, Ember has +35% to Casting Speed, 1.5 Energy per Second, and a 60% chance of self immolation. At 200% Heat, Ember has +50% to Casting Speed, 2 Energy per second, and has a Permanent Fire status proc, until heat begins to decrease. 

Sliding Generates 1% Heat per meter traveled, and Rolling reduces Heat by 5% per roll. Back-flips immediately start the cooldown of 8% per second. This would allow for newer players to also help manage Heat if they do not have the essential mods yet; such as Streamline, Intensify, Flow, etc..
Accelerant (Old):
While it might be odd to start with the second ability first, I feel that this is essential for discussing the rest of her kit changes. The old Accelerant is a very useful ability, however the Casting Speed buff has been incorporated into "Overheated" and it would have to be reworked to provide both synergy and utility to her kit.

Accelerant (New):
Energy Cost reduced from 50 per cast with a 30 Second duration ability into a 16m range Aura with 20 per cast and 2 Energy per second, (affected by Power Efficiency, not affected by Overheated). Accelerant does not stop the energy regeneration from being Overheated. Ember would have an aura of smoke and fuel that increases enemies vulnerability to Fire Damage by 75% (Affected by Power Strength, not affected by Overheated). Enemies affected by Accelerant have a 10% chance to have their gun jam (similar to Shooting Gallery). Enemies affected by Accelerant have additional effects to being injured by Ember powers.
Accelerant reduces Heat by 1% per second active. It does not deplete Heat at 200% Heat. 

This first changes allows Ember to deal even higher damage as she becomes overheated than the previous iteration, the second changes add a small amount of survival to Ember by reducing the incoming damage, and the third would add synergy to Ember's abilities. In addition, by reducing Heat and not being affected by Overheated, it would be a reliable way to slowly return to lower Heat amounts should you find your energy depleting faster than your foes, or to use the damage buff to your advantage without worrying about losing the max bonuses.

Accelerant (Flash Accelerant):
The augment would be renamed to Smoky Accelerant, and It reduces enemy accuracy by 25%, with the effect decreasing the further out they are from Ember. A small effect that would further benefit Ember's survival.
Fireball (Old):
Fireball's current build do not provide much in terms of scaling or damage, will providing a reasonable chance to CC and DoT with the Fire proc. While the charged version can provide additional damage and area denial, it is still a tiny area of effect that makes it poor for handling groups. 

Fireball (New):
Energy cost reduced from 25 per cast to 20 per cast. Fireballs base damage on impact at maximum rank increased from 400 Heat Damage, to 1000 Heat Damage (affected by Power Strength). AoE Damage is removed from the normal, not charged Fireball. Status Chance increased from 50% to 100%. Charging Fireball becomes a large AoE fire explosion on impact that deals 625 Fire Damage and 125 Blast Damage (affected by Power Strength) damage over a 9m radius (affected Power Range) with a 50% status chance. Enemies affected by Accelerant will leave behind a ball of fire (similar to the old Charge effect) that deals 200 Fire damage per second over a 5m radius (affected by Power Range) if killed by the Fireball or the explosion.
Fireball increases Heat by 10% per cast.

This would allow Fireball to deal higher damage without eating too much into her other abilities. Also, 1000 damage at 20E becoming 3000 damage at 60E when at max Heat is quite powerful, and before Accelerant's 75% increase to 3750, or more with Power Strength mods.

Fireball (Fireball Frenzy):
Fireball Frenzy is not affected by Overheated.
Fire Blast (Old):
Fire Blast is reasonable CC, but deals low damage and the Ring of Fire doesn't do very much. Not to mention that most enemies can simply shoot you. While definitely more useful against the Infested, it still leaves much to be desired.

Fire Blast (New):
Energy Cost reduced from 75 per cast to 40 per cast. Fire Blast goes from 200 Damage on the Wave and 15m spread, to 600 Damage (affected by Power Strength) and 20m spread (still not affected by Power Range). The Ring of Fire is changed to a 2m (affected by Power Range) sphere of fire at the cast location, lasting 12 seconds. All enemy projectiles shot through the orb of fire have a 50% chance to be eaten by it, restoring ammo to Ember's current weapon. Shooting through the orb adds an additional 30% Heat Damage to all ally weapons. All enemies that make contact with the orb take 100 Fire damage with a 100% Status Chance, and sent into a ragdoll state through the air. While the sphere is active, it has an increased threat level. Enemies under the effect of Accelerant will be instantly killed if hit by the wave or make contact with the orb while under 20% of their max health.
Fire Blast increases Heat by 25% on cast, and reduces Heat by 5% per second while inside the orb after a 2 second delay.

This would change Fire Blast to a solid AoE hit that can hit up to 1800 before Power Strength mods and Accelerant, while also rapidly building Heat. This in addition to an orb that can be used defensively to distract enemies and CC, offensively as a damage buff and chance to instantly kill, and as support by reducing heat and absorbing ammo while inside. A powerful overall ability, but comes at a hefty cost at max Heat at 120E.

Fire Blast (Fire Fright😞
The augment would be renamed to Fire Eater, and the effect changed to remove the duration timer from the Orb and instead exist as long as it feeds on Ember's Heat. In addition, Fire Blast can't be recast as long as the sphere persists. If Ember leaves the orb for more than 3 seconds, the orb will cancel. At 5% per second, this means Ember can maintain the fire orb for 40 seconds while inside of it, not counting the drain from not generating more heat while inside, or the longer duration while using powers. This lets her have a solid way to lower heat without being too vulnerable.

World on Fire (Old):
While a powerful ability, the changes to World on Fire have severely hurt its application in practical usage. I believe that making Ember more fun to play with could done differently.

World on Fire (New):
Energy Cost reduced from 50 per cast and 3 Energy per second to 35 per cast and 4 Energy per second. Older "Overheat" mechanic removed. Base Damage reduced from 400 Heat Damage per plume, to 300 Heat Damage per plume. Base range changed from 15m to 12m (affected by Power Range), in addition to the status chance being changed from 33% to 50% (affected by Power Strength). World on Fire stops energy regeneration from being Overheated. Enemies attacked by plumes of fire have an 80% chance to be knocked down (affected by Power Strength, not by Overheated). Enemies affected by Accelerant have their max Armour and Shields reduced by 20% per fire plume.
World on Fire increases Heat by 3% per second active, increasing to 6% per second after reaching 100% Heat, and to 10% per second after reaching 150% Heat.

World on Fire would be changed to a slightly smaller version of it's older iteration, and gaining "Firequake" naturally and can reduce armour and shields, letting Ember kill bigger targets. While this comes at a hefty 12 energy per second cost at max Heat, this also would do 900 Damage to enemies while knocking them down.

World on Fire (Firequake😞
The augment would be renamed to Apocalyptic Fire, and the effect changed to increasing the damage of World on Fire by 100% after killing an enemy with World on Fire for 3 seconds. Affected by Overheated damage increases, and this can make Ember even harder hitting.
Stat Changes:
Armour: 100 (125) to 300 (400)
Shield: 100 (125) to 125 (150)
Health: 100 to 120 (125)
Energy: 150 to 175
Sprint Speed: 1.1 to 1.00 (1.1)

So, any thoughts? I would love to hear feedback.

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Had to edit the stats, messed up the Primes. Also typos
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