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Ferrox and Wall Latching


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Hello DE and Friends,

I have been experimenting with weapons to spice up the gameplay a bit. In doing so I was leveling the Ferrox Primary with Loki, and while taking advantage of the extended wall-latch, I noticed that I could not throw the Ferrox as a javelin from that position. I understand there is many things on the plate, it is hardly game breaking as I've seen so few tenno's using the wall-latching feature ( you should! ) So, I wanted to submit the video of what I experienced. You can replicate this no problem. I should note that I have not attempted this with any of the other throwable weaponry.

Video here:



I hope the 1080p processing happens in time, as of right now the upload is trapped in 480p land, and it is difficult to see the charge of the Alternate fire.

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