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New Warframe Concept based on MK's Bo Rai Cho and Kuva Guardians


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Been thinking of a new Warframe inspired by Mortal Kombat's "Bo Rai Cho" combined with the Kuva Guardians. Let me know what you think 🙃.

Name: Gastro

1st Ability: Inhale

- Gastro inhales everything within a 60 degree radius up to 15m. This includes pickups like energy, mods and ammo, as well as enemies within the radius and range. Enemies fall to the floor at the feet of Gastro, no damage is dealt.

*Range mods increase radius and range. 

2nd Ability: Body Slam

- Gastro jumps in the air and body slams the ground. Enemies within 10m get ragdolled into the distance and receive impact damage. Enemies within 20m receive lower impact damage, but fall to the floor. 

*Damage effected by Strength mods. Ragdoll and fall distance increased with range mods. Ties in nicely with the 1st ability. 

3rd Ability: Elixir

Similar to Bo Rai Cho's drunken fist stance in which he consumes alcohol to increase his focus. Gastro takes a swig of Kuva which increases Crit Chance by 50% and Attack Speed by 60% for 32 seconds. (Still considering whether to change stats or make it a team boost).

*Time effected by duration mods. Strength mods do not increase percentages. 

4th Ability: (Still thinking of a name)

This is similar to Banshee's 4th, but instead of doing crowd damage, it's more crowd control. 

Gastro takes a sumo style stance and stomps each foot alternatively every second. Each pulse causes enemies within 35m to fall to the floor and receive slight impact damage. Damage scales the longer the ability is active. 

*Damage increased by strength mods. Range increases diameter. Duration mods reduce energy cost per second.

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