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Need Alliance? Come and Join League Of Shadows ★ Website ★ Emblem ★ Voice Server ★ Join The League!


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League of Shadows is an ancient and powerful secret alliance whose purpose to restore balance in the universe by purging all evil and enemies of the Tenno. When one empire falls, another is born through our guidance. We target places if infestation, corruption and injustice. We honour the Stalker for his sacrifice, as well as our fallen assassins, our soldiers, our Tenno.


League of Shadows is an alliance with competent leaders who are active in Warframe and willing to take on the challenge of delivering a unique Warframe experience for all clans and their members. Although most of our members may be casual, we have a core group of hardcore veteran players with a competitive spirit who is always available for kuva survival, eidolon hunting, dark sectors and void runs. We strive to have active, engaged clans, all sizes of a clan are welcome.
  • We are here to unite and organize small and mid-tier clans into a more significant, formidable force in the Warframe community. 
  • We aim to support and guide new players. We honour sportsmanship and skill.
  • We challenge each other in battle. We exceed expectations. We grow stronger.
  • We endure and progress. Our strength is in our unity and coordination.
  • We welcome anyone who wishes to join the League.

Alliance Emblem: 




  • the community of players from around the world to group up with for missions
  • Alliance logo designed by Tory Asher and Alliance emblem designed by TRSS
  • Discord voice and text chat server with active players as well as random giveaways on the server
  • NO useless mandatory meetings, NO begging for your credits, Warlord Gatherings are fun and optional
  • EVENTS for Tenno to battle it out or fashion the frame to win PLAT and prime items
  • Organized and beautiful website to display important alliance information and links
  • Steam group or discord to perform clan activity checks, post event details, and have discussions
  • Assistance with recruiting active players into your clan as needed



Our choice for voice communication is Discord. Click the icon below to learn more.




  1. Apply on our website so that we have all of your clan information: http://wflos.weebly.com 
  2. Hop on our server to introduce yourself and stay connected to everyone in the alliance: https://discord.gg/League

After you have completed all steps, leave a brief reply here with your clan name and size, and we will process your application within 24 hours. If you seek any help, please contact us on discord channel.

NOTE: By applying through our website, you agree to the rules and expectations listed on the application form.
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