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Cannot invite or be invited to trade


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I play on the PS4. A lot of time has passed and it feels like this has only gotten worse over time, after taking a sizable break from trading/selling. A player cannot invite me to their dojo, to anywhere. And neither can I. I send and send and send the request over and over. If I'm lucky, it might eventually go through. Most likely not. I've resorted to meeting up at maroo's bazaar, but we have to go there at the same time. It's weird, I could tell them which server I'm on by number, and we will not be in the same place if I was there a few minutes before they joined. Can someone please fix this, whenever I want to trade something I just decide not to eve go through with it because of the stress involved. And credit to the patient people that I have traded with, to wait and keep trying. Many others, though. It's too much. 

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