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DE, why me?



  My game was running fine but due to some reason i can't load in PoE or Fortuna with a squad without disconnecting so i was lowering my laptop settings and so on to have better fps anyhow.

  OK so first i didn't do any changes in game settings.

  On launcher i decided to optimize then i clicked "play" and the loading screen before log-in took about AN HOUR to get to log-in screen. (my internet connection was OK at the time)

  I tried to enter a mission but i got disconnected, i quit game and then started it again the loading screen before log-in loading in a few seconds this time. 

  So i try to enter a mission and the loading screen while entering mission goes to 25% and doesn't move for 10mins til i decide to terminate game via task manager..

  (I tried to join missions again but the same happens on loading screen into mission.)

  Then i decided to optimize again then verify cache hoping it'd do anything useful

  Optimizing ends in one minute and verifying cache takes about 2 minutes then i find my launcher downloading about 20,000Mbs



Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ly4l7i

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