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Ability time remaining indicator


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A number of warframes such as Mesa (with shatter shield), Loki (invisibility), Chroma (Vex armor), etc. are retain survivability by maintaining a particular timed ability. Many other warframes otherwise have powers whose precise timing you want to keep track of. I like to keep the UI rather small and frequently find myself mistiming abilities at rather inopportune moments because I forget to look at the abilities corner. Currently 4 dots under the reticle indicate the availability of your abilities, but what I would really appreciate is if they also indicated time remaining. My thought was that maybe the dots could be rearranged to be an up down line, where the dots orbit the reticle to keep track of time. Alternatively, you could have the bars that make up the reticle fill up or drain of a color or glow effect. Even something as simple as having the current dot wink a bit to indicate that the ability is about to end would be very nice. 


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