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[Warframe concept] Aranea-Spiderqueen frame (support/stealth frame)


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Suddenly I just realized we haven't made a spider frame, even if the main focus of Orb Vallis are spiders. So here my sorry excuse for an overpowered warframe. Who wouldn't really be good in Fortuna anyways.

Aranea The Spider queen


Support/Stealth frame





When stealth. Her Stealth attacks are replaced by a pounce that deals 300% of her melee damage

Cocooned enemies have their armor reduced by 20%-75% and are stunned. (scales by the rank of Aranea)1)Web Shooter (10 energy at initial cast, 3 energy per shot)
This is a channeling ability that makes all projectiles from your weapons shoot webs that slows enemies for 20-60%(scales by Aranea's rank). When enemies have been hit 10 consecutive times they are cocooned. In addition, your shots will also be silent and wont alert enemies. 

2)Queen's Domain (70 energy)
She shoots out a web that sticks to terrain. If she puts it on the floor she is granted stealth in that area. If she puts it on a wall she can latch onto that wall for as long as the ability last while also becoming unnoticeable and allowing her to stealth. When she uses it on the ceiling she automatically latches her self up high there as well and removing any sort of enemy agro on her. Additional effect, all Cocooned enemies would be picked up by the web if she left clicks them while Web shooter is active. Her passive is automatically ready whenever she is in her web. Enemies that have been picked up will slowly regenerate her energy 3% over the coarse of 5 seconds.The energy regeneration resets once you've left and get on the web again. 


(With Mana web augment) her web will also be accessible to allies. In addition she and her allies will also gain extra energy per webbed enemy. Allowing the energy regeneration to stack(maximum of 30% max energy generation over the course of 5 seconds).

3)Spiderlings (50 energy per cast)
Aranea summons up to 2 spiderlings that fight with her. Spiderlings deal 50-500 poison and for every enemy they've killed, they heal Aranea. This ability can be recasted to spawn in more spiderlings. Spiders prioritize enemies who're attacking you and deal extra to Cocooned enemies. These spiders can also pounce on enemies as well and multiple enemies can latch onto an enemy.(The ammount of spiders scales with range and the damage of spiders scales with power strength). 


(With Mothers touch augment) She can no longer summon more than 2 spiders; but the spiders can now be modded with companion mods and recasting her 2 will either heal the spiders or revive a dead one. 

4)Feast (50% of your health)
Web everything around you Cocooning all enemies hit. Your spiderlings gain increased attack speed and allies who have killed Cocooned enemies will be healed. Killing Cocooned enemies heal you as well.


 (with Sacrificial feast augment) her 4 instead will no longer cost her 50% of her health but 50% of her energy and it'll make them drop health orbs in the same time detonating all spiders dealing 800-1500 viral damage. If enemies are killed by the spiders. They also drop health orbs.


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