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Free Roam Sorties are buggy


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The Free roam sorties are impossible. Tonight playing solo I tried 6 times to finish the the roam mission. 

I failed every attempt due to a one bug or another in the mission.

1) 1st assignment find the Cashes - OK second assignment find the cashes same area - of course no caches  - FAIL

2) 1st assignment find the caches - OK, 2nd assignment escort the probe - OK , 3rd assignment clear out enemy (25) - no enemy area marked no enemy around FAIL

3) Same as 2nd except red area marked - but very few enemies showed up timer ran out . - FAIL

4) Again not enough enemies - FAIL

5) same as first - FAIL

6) 1st assignment Drone - He got stuck and nothing I did would get him moving again. - FAIL


To be fair, I've seen these bugs in the non-sortie missions, just not that critical, because I just quit playing CETUS.

PLEASE FIX or take the Free Roam Missions out of the sortie rotation.


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