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No cell carriers on Fortuna excavation


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Ever since Fortuna 2.0 came out sometimes during the excavation bounties either only spawn 3 power cell carriers or none at all resulting in a failure. I hope the devs can hotfix this asap since it's a pretty game breaking bug and can be pretty infuriating for players especially on high level bounties or late stages.

This bug has caused me to fail three bounties so far.

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I managed to complete an excavation completion after a friend and clanmate joined in on a fresh bounty. The two that I have done solo have had either one, or no cell carriers at all. Whether this just affects solo players is pretty much untested since it was just one bounty, maybe it was just coincidence.

UPDATE: Attempted another bounty and got an excav objective, cell-carrying enemies spawned as they normally would. Guess it was just a coincidence when they showed up with another member.

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