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The Issue With Open Worlds


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Yea.. I understand DE wants New Players to have access to Open Worlds early in the game because Open Worlds are a possible attraction to anyone even playing Warframe..

But I think the issue is that New Players have access to Higher Difficulty without even leaving the planet or exploring the Star Chart..

Like Bounty 5 in POE is level 40-50? Then Eidolons are to hard to kill? Even with Fortuna, Specific damage types to the Spider Bosses, and most important Global Threat Enemy Scaling..

This presents a problem due to mods not being accessible till later in the Star Chart.. Then people are saying the game is to difficult without any experience thru the game.. Or even Ordis not even hinting at available mods in the Codex.. Useless Ordis..

I guess a solution would be too put locks on Bounties.. Maybe Eidolons and Spiders too.. Unlock the inaccessible bounties via Relay Unlock. That would present a recognition in Level Difficulty..

Have Ordis talk about things that can be discovered in the Codex..

I mean 1 could join a Host to bypass a Bounty Lock, Eidolon Fight, Spider fight, etc..

Then even DE could Color Code Level Difficulty too for recognition..

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the citiy and open world can be enhanecd if they had some rentals, and the gates were made better somehow, i dont have a problem with the missions other than failing them and not earning anything, so at the very least if there were new enemies and resourecs, new types of ammo and guns to unlock or discover while in open world then warframe would be abit more interesting to new palyers, were other games feature temporary weapons and things to tests right away, and the city life and operators dont have alot of stationary depth or functionality since their abilities are dedicated to combat, and we only have but 1 passive trait without a chance to learn new ones, i have understood fortuna, now am concerned with the conclave and new features for non-combat, am not really that far into the game, but it seems like traveling and moving from a to b is important, and most player dont even have a k-drive as missions require alot of movement there should be adjustments made to walking and sprinting, temporary vehicles or enhancements and upgrades to fishing and minning functionality, since players will get bored, i already recopmmended that the tools and vehicles become versitale and that they transform into weapons, foundries and team aides or magical pets that can be a turret or skateboard/laser sword, or sniper riffle for the k-drives and helicopters to be more attractive, but there are some other great things to add to the games ambiance and weathers, to make them more favorable to visitors, such as having the floor being kind of sticky or a platform that heals when stepped on that has glowing water, a great feature for cetus to make each planet gameplay mroe strategic, some traps and new enemies should be added, fortuna did not have that many enemies or attractive mishaps, but it does have enough fire power and snow, until they make the gravity heavy and add more things am staying away from it, its just like every other planet all you have to do is get on a vehicle and complete quest, and if you have to walk its twice as boring, so that screws over new players who are walking around with starter weapons and starter packs, they probably dont even know how to buy or use plattinum, or what the heck is a kitgun, anyways, all of this would help.

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