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Can we do something about the abort mission when fully died


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I love this game but one thing that I hate the most is when I fully died and press A and abort mission and lose EVERYTHING I got from that mission, maybe it's my fault that I'm dying in the first place or maybe I should put the controller down and don't touch it till it's over but why is it that I lose EVERYTHING when I leave, I've done it twice and pisses my off so much that I want to break something which I did the first time. That one thing actually makes me want to stop playing the game I know there's a warning that shows before you abort but usually your spamming A or X on PS4, I suggest that you can press A to abort the when the message shows up you can use the Y or X for Xbox or triangle or square for PS4. Just something to change or to fix it, give me your thoughts on it and suggests. The first time I did it we were opening relics for a while and I full died and aborted by accident and lost my mind, the second time was when I was fighting hydrolyst, and full died and I lost everything. you should get whatever you got from it and I don't know why I can't keep it all. So please give me your thoughts on it. Thx.

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