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Zephyr's Turbulence VS Opticor


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Zephyr's Turbulence sometimes does not redirect the beam from the Corpus enemies who attack her with the Opticor while she has the ability activated.

Edit: After facing a lone Opticor unit, It seems I cannot get this to replicate, but it definitely ignores Turbulence from time to time. While doing the the first Orb mission at the 2nd part where you protect the terminal, I was hit by the beam, looked down to check that Turbulence was active and it was, looked back up and was hit by the beam again. Also, I should note my power range is 250% and he was probably 20-25 meters away. The beam itself pierced through me (it wasn't radial damage from the explosion). I'll keep trying to replicate this this during the mission.

After testing in the simulacrum I still cannot get this to replicate. Luckily it doesn't happen often enough to be too huge of a problem.

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