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Profit Orb Bug.


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Just gonna give a heads up first - I DID contact warframe support but they were less than helpful, nor did they seem anywhere NEAR as concerned or sympathetic to the fact this was happening. Seems like they just wish to pass the buck off to forums rather than deal with it as this is the FIRST time I've been told to come here and post a game related issue/bug. ALAS - whatever I'll just copy and paste the thing here along with the last reply I posted over there.


Aside the fact that this fight is the hardest ever seen in waframe, I am concerned that the ability to follow the damage prompts by the hologram on its head it VERY inconsistent on what the damage dealt is meant to be, i was using my ogris - which with nightwatch napalm is doing 4 types of elemental damage and my Hystrix - which obviously can switch between 4 elements on its own - the archwing weapon I was using was grattler -the element types i had escape my mind at the moment as i shut down the game in frustration but i do remember at least fire being on there.

WITH that in mind i tried to focus and figure out how the damage types and the hologram work, when it was explained to me after failing for the fourth time in a row. I tried to utilize the knowledge and it still seemed broken, bugged, inconsistent or whatever term you would prefer to use >*< The entire fight I was in a panic induced scramble switching between elements and weapons trying to damage the profit taker.

This IS a game play issue, and i just got done experiencing it again. I couldn't damage the profit taker AGAIN, and it took me about 50 clicks for the game to allow me to equip my archwing weapon. Difference this time is I had Grattler ground all the way, she was dealing a huge amount of blast and radiation. 

Should also add context, most of the damage bug comes in her shield phases. With that said, no matter if this or the ticket get me anywhere. I'm calling off warframe for at least 5 days or a week. The fight is stressful enough, these issues just made it way too over the top. 

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Was in Hiros squad at the time. the shields do seem really buggy as hell. she ether takes no damage when she should or cycles the damage type you just switched to after a split second. she also just seems to linger on a type or two....namely Gas or elc from what ive seen. her shield phase needs the most work. the rest seems to "function as intended" as far as i can tell. this shouldn't be nearly as difficult as it is. i mean shes the first of how many of these bastards?

All you need to do is fix the damn shield phase. and maybe cut the spawn rate of "trash". you guys do know most MMO games have custom add mobs for boss fights like this right? not more of the same. honestly. just make it so single elements can be effected by combos that use them. i swear this is just a amped up version of the early days of Lua and the senients. IE a huge pain in the ass for no #*!%ing reason. the loot was S#&amp;&#036;. the fight was S#&amp;&#036;. i enjoyed the three missions before that huge waste of code 😕


now if you excuse me. i need to apply ice to my throbbing head. as that fight gave me a migraine. trying to be a Trinity for that fight is a excise in skull and ass pain.

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