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Warframe is too hard. Warframe is too easy.


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There is a pretty constant battle that goes on between people screaming for nerfs and vets looming for more reward types.  Viewing the forums at a glance reveals this.

Some things I thibk that might help:

Adjusting the new player experience with the login reward bonuses early is a big help, but I might suggest that any frame they can earn from a regular planet boss drop (classic frames like loki, rhino, hydroid, etc) simply habe their bake times lowered from 3 days to one.

In the past de was largely dependent upon sales of those base frames, but as the roster continues to bloat, allowing newer players to feel a sense of reward will make them feel more like they are "winning" warframe until they realize at the end of the star chart that the game is just getting started.

Additionally, bringing back raids, adding railjack and more orb fights are all a good viable strategy but I want to offer another revamp here:

Buff scaling and damage to equate to mot in arbs, then add a monthly rotating cosmetic that is exclusive for six months to those that earn it.

Could be a prime helm, a weapon skin, Sayandana, operator hair, sigil, orbiter deco, w/e, but make it cost like 100 vitus, so it's attainable, but only with significant investment.  

Then after six months release the item on the market for plat or earnable in game, as appropriate. 

This makes the first copy of the item free for players that earn it, and still achievable after a brief period of exclusivity (ie a time for your vets to market that item for you so other people will see it and want to buy it).

This requires 1 dozen assets created for this purpose per year, and if that's too much, ask tennogen artists who might contribute to such an effort.

This keeps the power gap from increasing while allowing a viable reward structure.  And maybe someone doesn't like this month's cosmetic so they save up to get 2 of the next one... but ultimately you can see they have a time amd vitus essence synch.


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