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Now that mesa got some artististic direction, the boy frames need some luv


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Mesa got her nice skin with a little help from the salon. No really, the skin is fabulous. It just get’s a bit chilly out in Vallis tho. Most of the girl frames all get a lot of ventilation.

It got me thinking there's a certain lopsidedness in frame design. One that misses some market segment. All the concept art for delux male skins are wholly missing any PACKAGE (nehza is kinda got something but barely) motif, much less one properly ventilated. chroma p? nope. nidus d? nope. baruuk?   limbo d? (snickers). altas d? utterly MIA. all capon

Here is some reference material for the next round of male frame delux skins in case the team needs some research material. Just imagine some nice physics on those... nice clingy materials that barely contain those morsels.. all very cooling for a hard working frame.

Boys should not lack in visuals to savor and proper ventilation.


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