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Hide Mastered and Hide Constructed options in Shops/Foundry


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We have Hide Owned option in most places, but we really do need Hide Mastered option in Foundry (and in Clan Research stations) for veteran players who have dozens of duplicate blueprints from enemy/mission drops or whatever, basically it should hide blueprints for weapons and whatnot that the player has already leveled to 30, so we can see the recipes for new weapons. It should also affect prime BPs and their subparts.

Foundry also needs Hide Owned option as well, would be useful for the Appearance tab.

Foundry has sorting options, but they don't include things like amount owned or anything.

Also would really appreciate Hide Constructed option for blueprints in shops, for stuff like the operator cosmetics BPs, you have no reason to see those BPs after you have built them once.

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