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Velocitus Charge Time and Stagger Ridiculous after Damage Already Nerfed


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They hurt average player enormously but don't impact the 1-shot optimizer that you're afraid of when you nerfed its damage.

In fact, because the charge time and stagger from full charge in atmospheric mode is so bad, you are pushing players to use it only as a 1-shot.  If we can't one shot, we're better off using another weapon like Corvus, Fluctus... basically anything else will output better DPS and are smoother to use.

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It's particularly amusing because the velocitus's abysmal magnetic base damage type has a 75% damage loss against the alloy armor the orb has, which means in addition to losing 3/4 of its damage it also makes the armor calculate as 75% higher before also reducing what's left of the damage by that amount.

Of course, the opposite applies to the added-on radiation damage everyone would actually mod for, and which the base damage nerf also acts against, but it still seems like it was a very needless fear of their orb dying too fast because it dies even faster to the imperator vandal anyhow.

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