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Just another idea for Nyx


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Okay first of all, I dunno if this is going to be a good idea or a disaster, so I'll need to see yours comments about this.

So about Nyx's first ability, I was thinking that we could have a larger selection of ways to mind control our targets, and for this I got inspired by Ivara's first ability, the Quiver. She can cycle through 4 four different types of arrows by tapping 1 and then shooting the selected arrow by holding down 1.

So maybe we can use the same mechanic even for Nyx, and this means that the first ability can have for example 3 ways to mind control your enemies:


- Attack: pretty much the the ordinary ability that we have atm, the target will gain some bonus stats and he will roam around attacking the nearest targets as best as he can.

- Defense: this one can target multiple enemies in a cone in front of you, up to a max of 3-4 targets maybe, and then they will do their best to remain in a line in front of you, creating a meat wall in front of you, and also they can temporarily gain a larger hitbox so most of the incoming fire will be blocked by them, and also when you try to aim and they are on the way, they can crouch to let you shoot properly.

- Control: this one has a single target and the victim will only use the melee attacks and he will gain a small boost to the running speed because he will start running and attempting to hit everyone is around, so if for example there are 10 units around him, he will not focus on attacking a single one, but instead he will try to hit them all, and the most important thing is that he will cause such a mess that the enemies near him will get provoked and so they will shoot at this mind controlled unit as their primary target.


Now this idea is really a draft, it can be rejected or improved, and there are also some things I'm not sure about, like for example, can I combine and use them all at the same time? Or only a single one can remain active? Also what about the effect duration for them?

I can't answer them on my own, I need some players more expert than me to evaluate this idea, so I'll wait for your comments and see how it goes!

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