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Missed the intro to Fortuna and can't start it


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When i was trying to Fortuna for the first time i was stuck on the loading screen and i heard a song playing.

When the song ended (Still stuck on the loading screen) i asked my friend what i missed and told me where to go to start it again but it doesn't work for me.



(Video that show how to start it) 



(Me trying to start it but it wont)



Will like to have help to start it cuz i want to see the intro in game before i do the quest otherwise the intro to Fortuna and the quest is pointless to me.


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i'm more close to the NPC then the guy who shows how to start it.

And as i said if i have to do the quest before the intro is stupid and that will ruin my experience with the game and it will make this part of the game pointless to me.


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