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No Deadzone in decoration (rotate & push/pull only)


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This applies to both dojo and orbiter decorating. While holding the respective buttons for rotate (LT) and push/pull (RT). The deadzone on the right stick (RS) is removed and the object will float/rotate in whatever direction the stick is pointing no matter how small the input is. It is possible this also applies to the left stick (LS), but since this stick is not usable in either of these 2 modes I cannot test this.

Deadzones seem to work in all other cases though, so it may have something to do with the multi-button approach of these mechanics.

For clarity's sake: I am using an Xbox One controller on a Windows 10 pc. Everything should be up-to-date as far as drivers are concerned. As for Windows... everything is up-to-date aside from not having the much delayed October update (or whatever it's called now).

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