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(Quick) Melee prevents gear usage (fishing/hunting UI)


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EDIT: F*** imgur and their F***ING BBCode links. Idk what is going on but no matter what I do I cannot get the forum to load more than 1 image at a time for this post. The insert image from URL button is non-functional in the forum and manually entering the BBCode links has like a 1/100 chance to work after editing... Just click on the damn links if the images don't appear... I'm done wasting my time on this. /rant

This has been an issue ever since the new UI replaced the old fishing gear menu. I cannot use the features at all because I simply melee instead of change gear. I waited a while before posting this in hopes of it getting fixed (I thought it was known).

Anyway this is the normal menu (keyboard and mouse):


And this is the same menu but using a controller (Xbox One controller on PC):


Now it just so happens that RB is bound to Melee and Quick Melee for me. This causes me to melee every time I press this button and thus I can never access the gear UI. A temporary workaround for this is to include all gear subpieces into the main gearwheel and switch manually, but this is a huge pain in the *** due to the amount of items taking up slots and losing track of it all.

Here are my controller bindings which can help reproduce this issue:


I believe the reason for this issue is the fact that RB is the default binding for the "Ability Menu" which I do not use with my keybindings. In the respective "Ability Menu" tab of the controller bindings the button RB is bound to "Ability Menu". However I cannot move this action to a different button. The only thing I can swap around is the "Focus and Transference" action. Trying to overwrite the action on RB prompts a "Cannot rebind Ability Menu while customizing this configuration." error.

That's about all the info I can think off... Any chance we could give the new gear menu a "hold" to open instead of press? This way you'd simply quick melee once and then open the menu, which is fine. It also doesn't interfere with charge attacks since the gear UI is not present when a melee weapon is equipped. It's either that or letting me rebind the button to something that doesn't conflict with each other.

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