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Gara, Atlas, Nezha ,Khora, Ivara and Gammacor Bugs !!!!


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While trying out all warframes as an endgame player, I have encountered so many bugs that it impeded my gaming experience and brought me disappointment to the game. Below is a list of bugs I have encountered.

  1. After casting "Splinter Storm" on Gara herself, whenever Gara goes into Limbo's rift, Splinter Storm will not work on enemies anymore until the next cast. It will still work on destroying the crates but it does nothing to enemies.
  2. Sometimes, casting Mass Vitrify does not refresh the duration of Splinter Storm on Gara.
  3. For Atlas, whenever Smeeta Kavat grants Critical Chance Bonus buff, Atlas 1st ability "Landslide" will deal 0 damage on all enemies till the buff finish.
  4. For Nezha, the trial of "Pyroclastic Flow" is invisible. It's missing. I cannot see the trail I casted.
  5. For Khora, occasionally, her first ability "Whipclaw" deal 0 damage too. Literally, the text "0" pop out when hitting enemies. Same as Atlas, constant 0 damage happens when the Critical Chance Bonus buff is active. Also the Fury arcane seems to be one of the causes too. When Fury is active, "Whipclaw " 's damage becomes 0. Even without any critical chance buff, "Whipclaw" frequently deal 0 damages.
  6. *Found another cause: Under Harrow 's 4th ability - Covenant, the Critical Chance bonus, first ability of Khora and Atlas deal 0 damage on enemies.
  7. For Ivara 3rd ability - Prowl, when I am not the host, bullet Jumping while on the ground without using directional keys will break the cloak. It will not break the cloak only if I am the host
  8. Gammacor visual bug: Frequently, after killing an enemy, a bundle of trail left behind pointing at the position I last fired the gammacor and it extends indefinitely even though wall.

Please Fix these bugs. Too many bugs are drastically destroying the gameplay experience.

Edited by super00bird
Found more and more Bugs!!!!!!!!
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