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Niten - The Solitary


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This is a frame concept that I've been toying with for quite a while. A fairly odd one with a kit that's going to be hard to balance and harder to implement, but regardless of that I would like to present it to y'all.

If you see anything out of place, feel free to tell me.


Niten - The Solitary

Health: 100 (300 at max rank)

Shields: 100 (300 at max rank)

Armor: 200

Energy: 25 (75 at max rank)

Passive - Dokkodo: If Niten is acting alone and there are no other members on the squad, he gains 100 Health, Shields and Armor plus 25 Energy and 100% Ability Power, Reach and Duration.

Since it's relevant to his abilities, this bears explaining:

Every time an ability is used, it adds a "Ring" to Niten. Each active Ring increases Niten's Base Energy by 5 points, improves Niten's abilities and raises their cost by 25 points. These Rings appear around Niten, separated from him, as blue halos. Niten starts with all 4 abilities unlocked and becomes able to summon 1 Ring every 6 ranks to a max of 5 Rings. These Rings dissappear after 25 seconds of after an ability that uses 5 Rings has been activated.


Ability 1 - Second Hand (25 ED)


Base/0 Rings: Niten uses his energy to change the properties of his equipped weapon. When using a firearm, it gains 50/50/100/100% multishot. When using melee, it gains 25/50/75/100% damage. This lasts for 5/8/12/15 seconds.

1-5 Rings: Niten uses his rings to manifest one copy of his currently equipped weapon per Ring. They'll fire/strike whenever the equipped weapon is used to fire/strike.

The Duration of this ability can be increased.

Ability 2 - Slicing Halo (25 ED)


Base/0 Rings: Niten produces a small blast of energy 10/15/20/25m around him, dealing 20/40/60/80 damage to all enemies and causing an instant and guaranteed Impact proc.

1-4 Rings: Niten uses his Rings as projectiles. Each Ring strikes 1/2/3/4 enemies dealing 25/50/75/100 damage before returning to Nitei.

5 Rings: Niten throws all his Rings around him, producing a slicing whirlwind 15/20/25/30m around him. All enemies caught in it will be hit 2/3/4/5 times dealing 150/200/250/300 damage before returning to Niten.

The Power and Range of this ability can be increased. Increasing power will increase only damage dealt.

Ability 3 - Ring of Favor (25 ED)


Base/0 Rings: Niten's shields instantly replenish to 20/40/60/80% of their total.

1 Ring: Niten places a Ring in front of him to act a shield, stopping all damage from the front and giving him 10/20/30/40% more armor for 8/12/16/20 seconds.

3 - 4 Rings: Niten places his Rings as shields around him. Each Ring will absorb all damage and will have a health of 350/500/650/800. If it depletes, the Ring will break.

5 Rings: Niten takes the Rings into him, solidifying his body and granting him 150/200/250/300% more armor. This armor will break after 10/15/20/25 seconds or after it has taken 400/600/800/1200 damage.

The Power and Duration of this ability can be increased. Increasing Power will not increase the armor's health. Increasing Duration will increase the armor's health.

Ability 4 - Prominence (25 ED)


Base/0 Rings: Niten becomes invisible for 3/6/9/12 seconds. After using this ability, Niten's shield will instantly begin regenerating.

1 - 5 Rings: Niten creates a fully autonomous copycat of himself per Ring. Each copycat will have stats equal to Niten's basic stats and will swap from primary to secondary to melee whenever Niten does so. They will also cast Niten's abilities whenever he casts them, but they will be the 1 Ring Rank 4 versions when casted by the copycats. These copycats cannot be healed or buffed by any means other that the abilities they cast. If this ability is recast while there are still copycats active, Niten will consume the copycat with the least health and shields, regaining health and shields equal to the amount said copycat had.

The Duration of this ability can be increased.



Way too Fheckin' Overpowered.


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