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[Quest] Returning Memories


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Ordis: Operator, Ordis got a message from Sephalon Simaris. Do you want me to play it?

Inbox Video: Ordis, i still want you in the sanctuary. For now accept this gift of mine, the power to build your own simulacrum. 

*Mission to obtain two parts

Ordis: Operator, please. Ordis wants TO KILL... Ordis wants to show you his Simulacrum

(It is Accessable in the Operator Room on your Ship. Ordis constructed a white Room, like in the Matrix movie, where you can see Ordis as a GIAAAAAAAANT beeing, talking to him)

Ordis: Ordis is so AAAAANGGR.-- Happy to see you for the first time for real. Do you want me to send you to a nice place? 
Ordis: Oh. This is not good. Malfunction detected.

*Room falls apart, like a broken mirror, revealing pulsating energy nodes that are connected to each other, in the distant you can hear multiple ordis's talking to the operator...


well since i dont know very much of the lore, i think this would be a quite nice place to add quests in the future. revealing why ordis has emotions (?) and mailfunctions from time to time, or beeing able to play throu the already done quests in the simulacrum for special rewards (like the alerts?). I thought this would happen for a while because those kavat incubator thingys looks like a system override stick for ordis, which made me kinda sad. i like ordis :3

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Ordis is going to get a quest soon - from the brief snippet we got it seems to be called 'The Longest Mission' - that was revealed alongside Chimera. All things considered, I think it'll be connected to Railjack, given that Ordis is the ship cephalon of the Railjack as well, and the quest involves a flashback to Ordis during his isolation using his 'host migrator'. However, there is indeed lore for why Ordis is the way he is. I'll summarise in the Spoilers, in case you don't want to be, well, spoiled. If you want to find out for yourself, scan the blue 'Cephalon Fragments' and move your cursor around the images when they're complete to reveal his Lore.


Ordis used to be a human. A human called Ordan Karris, the Beast of Bones. He was a mercenary loyal to the Orokin who fought countless battles for them. That is, until a small spy  child was taken to him and he realised that the Orokin weren't actually threatened by the uprisings - they were putting them on for their own amusement. And, therefore, Ordan realised that all his countless genocidal campaigns had been pointless. A dream began to recur in his sleep - of the bones of his countless slain becoming a great moon, where the ground rent asunder, swallowing him up in his own slaughters. At the same time, he discovered he had a blood disease, and that he would die not in glory, but in agonising helplessness. Therefore, he hatched a plan to be remembered forever.

He renewed his vigorous tide of bloodshed and doubled his efforts, until finally he was called to the Orokin to given honours - indeed, he was brought before the council of Executors, the 'Honored Seven'. There he was cleaned, and brought forth. Of course, he had no weapons, save one they did not know of, and so they did not take. Two fragments of bone in his back of his neck, cultured lovingly around the veins behind his throat - a suicide weapon of his closest hands so that if they were disarmed they could go down in a torrent of blood - their enemies and their own - and never give up the secrets of the band.

And, so, Ordan was brought before the Orokin, robed in a great cloak, to be given honours. And, so, Ordan Karris was offered not a statue, not some solar rail christened in his name, but a hateful glory. To be given Kuva, to become immortal - to become an Orokin. But Ordan did not want eternity - his sins weighed so heavily upon him. And, so, he cast off his cloak and threw it towards the Dax guards, concealing himself for but a moment, and tore these bone-plugs, these claws free from his neck. He launched himself at the Orokin and tore at them, killing them. And he was met not with screams, but with laughter.

For Orokin are immortal, and they cannot die by the hand of a common thug. He had achieved nothing. And for his punishment, he was gifted eternity, not as a golden lord, but a creature of data, of light, of steel. Ballas took him, gave him Kuva, erased his memories and turned him into a spaceship - into Ordis. And, so, eventually, Ordis was matched with a Tenno - another warrior causing countless genocides in the name of the Orokin. And he was blissfully happy, ignorant of himself. But, in secret, he wondered - if the Orokin condemn thinking machines, how could he think? How could he feel? So, in secret, he looked. 

And, then, the Orokin fell at the hands of the Tenno, and they in turn retreated into the darkness of the towers and of the Derelict to sleep. So Ordis waited for his Operator, and as he did so, he searched for himself amongst the shards of memories he could glimpse. And the happy, gentle Ordis looked upon the Beast of the Bones and was horrified. The more he knew, the worse it became - and the dream returned. So, in his Anguish, he set a self-destruct routine - but as the clock counted to mere nanoseconds, it halted. For Ordis thought of the Operator, and his love for them stayed his hand. And he felt, just slightly, the fire in their heart beginning to burn brightly. He looked upon himself, his rage and his hate, and imagined himself hurting the Operator. And, so, he shattered once more - but not completely this time. This time, parts of himself remained, lodged in his systems.

Which is how the Ordis we know today, with that angry personality beneath his joy was born. 

I hope you liked that rendition. If not, here's a link to a video with the original telling of the story - which I recommend watching anyway since it's really well written and voiced. 



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