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Octavia’s Los on Vallis


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I was wondering if anyone’s noticed the big bug with Octavia’s Los’ on Vallis? The line of sight doesn't follow the same rules as enemies on mallet for things such as the beacons and containers and damages through walls even with zero line of sight from mallet on said objects. 


Which is why artic eximus can block its damage, due to being able to stay out of its line of sight by functioning as a wall. While nully shields are damaged from mallet because of it not counting as a wall thus mallet can see the nully inside the bubbles and thus can damage the nully bubble. 


Basically my complaint is that Los’ shouldn’t be able to break things through walls, I’ve tested this on other nodes and on the Plains of Eidolon. This issue only exist on Vallis and at the moment it’s making it very complicated and frustrating to use Octavia. I know people will say “well don’t use her.” However I rather this issue be fixed as soon as possible. 


For further explanation, the beams(waves?) can hit the wall on any map. But on Vallis, it’s as if the walls are imaginary, allowing the ability to  annihilate 2hrs and 35mins(any amount really) worth of grinding in a matter of seconds. As the beams themselves can hit a wall yet on vallis the damage will go through and damage containers and beacons. While doing 0 damage to any enemies. No proc, no affinity numbers. Nothing at all. Also the beacons placements are very poor which causes certain frames to avoid certain areas of each base (Temple of Profit, Space Port and Enrichment Labs.) I hope that this is also changed so that they beacons are deployed at a further distance and maybe remove the functionality of having warframe abilities affect them all together. Such as Mesa being unable to lock into them etc. Thank you for reading and I hope this is resolved soon. 

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