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[Alerts] Suggestion to reinvigorate alerts


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At it's core I don't see anything wrong with alerts, however as I've played for a while now they have become a bit stale, outdated if you may. Most rewards become less and less appealing the longer you play, save the "mandatory" ones (nitain, reactor/catalyst, riven, forma). And even when the rewards are good, you might end up stuck for 10 minutes/waves against very low-level enemies. While this is great for new players, it doesn't offer an engaging experience for older/veteran players.

I would suggest implementing a system that allows players to increase the difficulty of the alert for a better experience. For example: Enemies that spawn during alerts may drop one or more items that can be utilized to modify the difficulty. Think along the lines of nightmare mode and it's modifiers. These item could either be consumed during the mission they drop, or be items you select before entering (akin to relics). Personally I'm liking the idea of preparing for an alert and consuming items to increase the difficulty. A systems like this could for example allow an experienced player to turn a (5-7) gift of the lotus to a more challenging (60-70) with slightly better rewards. Double credits, resources, additional rewards and/or something else. Rewards need not be over the top, but a little extra so the alerts are more appealing.

To be clear I'm not wishing for an overhaul of the alert system, rather an addition that I think could breathe some life into it for players that have played for a while.

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