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Chibi Mesa?


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My clan leader and I were both so excited for Mesa Prime to come out that I wanted to try my hand at drawing a chibi-mesa. I have never done FanArt for Warframe. But I wanted to try my hand, so here she is: 


Not sure if there are specific rules to posting FanArt or not. But feel free to tell me what you think. I will do more if I feel the community likes this. 

Mesa Prime came out and I can't wait to play her. It's still building in my foundry. So.... Has a doodle for now?


Art©YuKitsuneYoukai aka YuKiraNo (Me)
Character Reference©@debbyandart (Instagram)
Falcon Helmet©prosetisen
Mesa and Mesa-Prime/Warframe©DE

Edited by (PS4)YuKiraNo
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