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Nidus on every warframe?


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Hi DE,its your friendly neighborhood steven,and i have tomething to report,here is how i found it:

In my ship i was messing around,and my inaros had a cyst,and so,i went to the room,BUT i held the door with my warframe and entered the room with my operator,then,i went into my arsenal and changed loadouts to one and back to my inaros,then,i could "Cure cyst",and while i was in operator,i watched my inaros just sit in his chair like he is umbra and the cyst was cured,THEN the lines of the infested come in like inaros was nidus like "Time heals the mind" and stuff like that,AND I DIDNT FINISH THE GLAST GAMBIT QUEST YET,idk if its fun or problematic,but you do you DE,we can be more popular than T SERIES #subsribetopewdiepie ,keep up the good updates!

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