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Galatine Build



I am MR5 And I am really like a beginner, so far I have 3 warframes and soon going to take the fourth. 

I got Excalibur,Oberon,Rhino and I want to get frost and limbo.

I don’t have really good mods...

The problem is I am bad at making builds. The  single weapon I think I have a good build (made by me) is Galatine:

Tempo Royale Rank 3

Fury Rank 5

Preassure Point Rank 5

Finishing Touch Rank 3

Reflex Coil Rank 5

Fever Strike Rank 5

Shocking Touch Rank 5

North Wind Rank 5

Molten Impact Rank 5.

Is this build good and, shoud I have more warframes at my MR?

If not, please help me

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40 minutes ago, CosmicVictoryus said:

Is this build good

Finishing Touch and Reflex Coil are Mods you could do without methinks.
If you use Channeling a lot, look into acquiring Focus Energy instead:


There's of course the obvious "get Primed Mods from Baro" bit,
Primed Pressure Point / Reach / Fever Strike make a significant difference.

Speaking of, even just regular Reach is IMO a necessity on near any Melee, YMMV.

Blast may have its uses for CC, but as a damage type, is really not great.
E.g. Corrosive + either Heat or Cold works nicely as an all-round elemental setup.

However, Galatine is a Status(-viable) weapon, so look into elemental Dual Stat Mods, those 4 starting at Vicious Frost:


High Status + Viral + Slash is a winning combo for pretty much any weapon
(halving Health scales infinitely and Slash procs' Bleed bypasses Armor / Shields),
not least on Melee where you could then also add Condition Overload.

54 minutes ago, CosmicVictoryus said:

shoud I have more warframes at my MR?

Eh, that's totally up to you.

Ultimately, you should get all the Frames, but if you're short on time / resources / patience for farming lol,
it's fine to focus on whatever seems the most interesting / useful to you.

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