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Pakal Chest Plate on Chroma Prime


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Back when I had a normal Chroma, I loved how the Pakal chest plate looked on Chroma's Dynasty skin. But for some reason, when Chroma Prime has the Dynasty skin, it looks all weird. If DE would fix this, that would be great. 


Normal Chroma


On normal Chroma, the Pakal Chest Plate is a perfect fit on the Dynasty Skin, and it looks badass. I know this photo doesn't have a good angle to show a comparison, but it's one of the only photos I have of normal Chroma. As soon as I got Chroma Prime, I deleted my normal Chroma. Big mistake.



Chroma Prime



On Chroma Prime, the Pakal Chest Plate bulges out tremendously, and it looks rather hideous. I get that they had to re-fit it to look good on Chroma Prime's Prime skin, but it needs to at least look normal on the Dynasty skin. None of the other chest pieces have this problem as far as I'm aware.

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