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[Warframe Concept] Treant - (Groot ... i mean tree frame)


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Tree frame .... because we dont have a plant frame.

Mainly intended as a CC tank. 


Passive - tree Brak - Armor passively increases with the passage of time. 

Skill 1 - Root -  Root rips out of the ground entangling enemy and squeezing them applying dmg over time. Once the enemy is dead it will jump to adjacent enemy (up 2 more times)

Skill 2 - Trunk - Melee weapon visually increases in size (depending on power) , gaining additional range & impact damage (impact damage gained also by team) Enmyies hit are rooted for an extremely short duration.

Skill 3 - Crown - Spawns a dome of branches and leafs. Consisting of 5 major branches and smaller ones from it.  These branches not only protect but slam down on enemies dealing impact damage and slowing them. The 5 branches can be destroyed, however can be replaced on recast by user. 

Skill 4 - Seeds - Large seeds appear in an area around the warframe.  When stepped on will entagle enemies and starts growing over. Once fully grown, a treant will replace it fighting as an ally (using some of the stats Ex 70% , of its victim) . Treant number varies from 3-5 , Each treant will have a different passive , eighter giving shields when nearby ally or replenishing energy

(There are too many ways to gain health so no health)


Bit of story :  The orokin experimented with biologial lifeforms, before organic they chose plants in their experiments.

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