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[Enemy concept] - Infested Acid Frog


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The infestation has spared to various life forms. Corrupting them and adding their utility into its arsenal. Such a spices were the gigantic frogs , infamous for their ability to en-gulp their pray.

Enemy Infested frog is a unit that can spawn at higher levels randomly. It has a strong armored skin.

It grabs you with its tongue, pulls you in and swallows you whole. Putting you its acid filled belly.

Visibility is greatly reduced. Only way to get out is through the use of melee weapons, to cut yourself out though the soft tissue inside ,before the stomach acids dissolve your health completely . 


Infested acid frog can reposition itself using its tong as a rope, moving about in a similar fashion to Valkyr, making it very elusive.

On death it sprays its acid that can hurt adjacent enemy units as well.


Idea is meant just as inspirational material for DE

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