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Increase enemy count or reactant drop rate in singleplayer lith fissures


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1 minute ago, (XB1)Erudite God said:

They never will be. When solo, you only get one choice instead of four. Every time you do a solo Fissure, you're screwing yourself. 

Jesus Christ. You are missing the point. I'm totally aware I'm shooting myself in the foot playing singleplayer due to the lack of options. What I'm saying is that I could at least get the damn single drop rather than nothing at all.

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1 hour ago, Acaveli said:

PLEASE. I'm tired of being unable to unlock the relic until like 6 rounds in. Waste of time.

Better yet.  Just remove reactant.  It's proven to be functionally useless as an anti-AFK measure - and it has way too many issues.  

It's even worst how the game punishes you for killing too fast by not corrupting enemies in time.  It's an utter joke that after 5 waves of defense you can still not have enough reactant.   You either have to gimp yourself... stand around doing nothing... or risk not cracking open your relic because you dared to kill enemies fast.  

Same as how in Captures and Sabotages teams can finish the objectives and then spend 10+ minutes straggling around to find corrupted enemies

The only purpose Reactant serves is to stop AFK... but people can still leech by simply following other players and picking the reactant up, they still don't have to do anything to progress the mission, just tail behind, so the entire purpose of reactant is nul and void.  If they can just tail behind then who cares at that point, let them stand there doing nothing and stop punishing the people actually playing.   It is literally no different now than if they stood there doing nothing the whole time... they still effectively are.  

They need to just remove it as a mechanic.  It's bar none one of the worst and most frustrating mechanics in the game.

Good intentions - very poor execution.

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