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Stasis Field and Tractor Beam bug.


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Not sure if it's an issue with Lambeo or all MOAs but Stasis Field never activates when equipped alongside Tractor Beam.

I thought that they were good combo for the Vallis until I tried it, no bubble ever. Take Tractor Beam off, it works! Tractor Beam functions normally, just no Stasis Field.

Anyone noticed anything similar?

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The same is happening for me over on PS4, yeah. I've tried out different orderings of Tractor Beam and Statis Field in my MOA's mod slots, but haven't found one that will make Stasis Field ever activate.

I'll also note that Tractor Beam sometimes doesn't seem to properly activate, not giving me the full gravity reduction it normally does, and I don't remember that being the case on my base-precepts Oloro MOA. I'm not certain if that could be a related issue… or if my memory is just bad and Tractor Beam simply isn't as consistent as I'd like.

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