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47 minutes ago, SirTobe said:

Looking forward to mess around with these. I'm sure they will get a lot more attention as soon as more people max VS within the next week or two. 

So what I discovered as I used it previous eidolon cycle is it isnt as good as what was expected

1. The projectile does not have alot of travel, you have a hard time passing it through volt shields (need to be point blank)

2. The projectile explodes on contact, either enemies, allies or even your own warframe can set it off. If it explodes before passing through the shield, you loose alot of damage

3. You can only fire 3x before expending all 140 energy you have

4. Due to the low travel distance, its hard to hit a headshot on eidolon which is much higher than normal mobs



There are a few ways which I am gonna attempt next eidolon cycle

1. Place the shield directly above and fire through the shield


2. Place the shield BEHIND me pointing to the ground and then fire through the shield (this assures that the eidolon will never trigger a premature explosion)



Problem with 1. eidolon could possibly trigger the explosion before it passes through

Problem with 2. You will die. Can void mode through the explosion though


Any ideas?

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