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Should this suggested it?


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I was still annoyed about corpus "Sergent" that everyone absolutely hate as mad man (not violence of act, just yelling in rage to not miss communicate with other moderators or developers), it be the best time for him get a new AI changes to be poacher who been hired by the corpus to stop players in the game, it be like the stalker accept for he is going have enhance abilities, we are keeping the cloaking on him so its going be hard enough for players try figure out where he is still.

Warning, this is going be long topic and most broken grammar so excuse me if you had any issue reading or read proof it.

New Sergent abilities should have several useful abilities like cheeky moves (a trickster like loki and additional stuff) so make this annoying and funny in some what mind it be like the metal gear solid 3 "The End" boss likeness, accept the cloaking have to be cloak straight up.  Sergent will use abilities flash like excal flash accept for he just throw flash bang into the ground if he been discover then he'll do long leep into different direction of the area (not like he jump half way the map, good gosh no the player will absolutely hate it if he does) more of around 80m-200m and the AI must able snipe that far distance (a true sniper snipe more then 100m-400m about that range or more then that) at the time being if the player don't end up defeating Sergent soon enough, he'll just call down attack dog hyenas to assist him in battle and they will locate the player and keep on attacking them as Sergent get a nice shot of the player in nice distance. Another abilities he should have anti-finisher dmg, it will force player who temp to do finisher like ground finisher, there should be an animation he dodge it or counter that move and throwing players about 10m-20m because ash had a finisher move do assassin abilities that strike with in instance death for humanoids npc.  Lastly give more annoying abilities is loki's decoy accept for a little cheeky move additional to it, if the player deiced attack the decoy it will cause pull direction of decoy its a reference abilities of mag so it worth adding mag abilities to the decoy if it was attack and pull radius will be only in 30-40m so that Sergent get nice lock on shot onto the player's head. If the player is on his down count, Sergent will leep over to the player to try claim his trophy, but if there is few other remaining other players aren't down, he will focus the other players still.

Now start with nice call forth Sergent or to upset him is start saving the animals as we know it all and all of it to be corpus love to kill these animals to make nice paste of useless type of things even the pelt sold big money.  So if you capture enough animals Sergent will alert the player showing up as notice that he is targeting you in the fortuna's plan like pop up messages how every time lotus do during the mission accept for he will be frustrated and in anger also being the crazy hunter that he find much more find tenno/warframe as trophy hunt. listing what he would say as in a threat phrase of words or line (it might be too offensive of words)

Sergent's new line: (please note this is not a threat, but the actor for saying for the line to say)

  • Well well well, a tenno stealing my trophy?  How about I mount your head in my trophy room!
  • Saving these animals tenno, do you think that will stop me for you head is looking worth more once I slowly slice you open.
  • A tenno on my property? How about "get off my lawn". (joke references)
  • Thous are mine Prize Trophy!
  • It was you who is nabbing all my hunted animal, now I will take by limb by limb and by limbs

Sergent's defeated line (npc been killed)

  • Ughh even thou it was glories to hunt thous....animals...
  • Yet I was close to mount it on my room...
  • The Pride of the hunter...now a shame of this lost...
  • My trophy...my trophy! (reference of lord of the ring lol)

Sergent's victory line (killed the player)

  • Biggest hunt of my game
  • Your head I will take to remember of you that how weakly cowardliness animal that you are
  • Where is your pride now oh right here (note gore will show the warframe head cut off in front the player and default weapon is kreska if he is still down and not pick back up)
  • As I do I as my promies rip you to limbs to limbs! (note gore, it will show that he is cutting each the limbs of the player's warframe if the player is not pick back up)

Player escaping from Sergent as in example escaping to the elevator (Sergent line)

  • I'll be waiting for you until then I will mount your head on my wall
  • Arrgghhh you coward!
  • When you come back I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you (reference "taken")

*edit 12/23/18*

- how find Sergent sitting/camping location?

  • He'll have small laser pointer maker points out kind of like the predator.
  • you can listen if his cloaking start to fail or making weird buzzing sound
  • you can do AOE dmg to find him once he get dmg his cloak will fizz (which glitch out in weird matter of way)
  • you can lure moving away from Sergent and he'll be trying follow your foot track or energy resin



I am sorry if the line sound some sort psychopathy poacher, its because I want to make him interesting, I want players attend to do keep up and doing what is right or be discourage to run away or either take revenge.

So what the point sergent is taking your head is because he find what he hunt is a beautiful thing he hunted, a prize and pride of his work that how much he earn every bits of the credits as he enjoy killing.  Its not that he shouldn't be, but every poacher who find money in the animals do end up being like this once they get really rich and they will have every single animals to be like the rich man room hanging as trophies or stuff and u know that stuff.

If you ask why it have to be gorey is because we are already slicing grineer's bodies in half, burnt to crisp, and many more to other npc who will die in terrible in pain.

P.S I am sorry if sound very too dark to say of the idea of lines, but we had threats worst-er then any of other type of games, but it have to fit in the lore that corpus is shaddy dark people that would go for money and only loving money and as grineer is tryant governmental type, but more of enslavement contro.  Anyway we can change the lines or dialog what new Sergent will say, but he need absolute new skin instead of looking too much of corpus, more of hunter mix with corpus, but I prefer some artest make a unquie corpus design if anyone like this post and if the picture get like by the dev and if the dev like this thread its both win win.

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I'll use or try add concept of drawing, but I might use steam from another game called "planet explorer" for the drawing.

Nvm regret making it.

*edit it*

they aren't best pictures as drawing example by using the game to 3D it, but do not copy the body, arm or legs including the jetpack (avoiding copywriter), I only use the helm for example noted created by me user ChaoticGamer











its not the best img, but if you play planet explorer is pretty cool make your stuff there, but back to the main subject, I want something new type of corpus like this as helmet example.

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it seem my idea is not very bright today...or either ppl are just saying too scared the confronting the idea...then again they probably find it annoying, but its fine to me, we had worst terms in warframe or even more to be blight to it.

Right now I am kind of displease about the post no one showing up thought it would of be good idea, I mean this is the good time Sergent get full on replacement of his abilities and skills. he probably going have a jet pack to fly some what 80m-100m or something like that and being a cheeky cheater guy who would test players to attend do sniping skills or at lest high determined doing sniping skills.  We had waited for DE fix or replace Sergent and no one care for him and I putting care bear right into it and the road is dead ahead for the care bear remake Sergent bigger and bad cheeky cheater boss.  At lest my idea isn't worst the J7 was it that space golem boss floating out in space?  yea at lest its not that cheeky.

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