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(open world bugs) K- drive ragdoll launch, glitchy fishing, and Profit Taker inside Fortuna


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I have two glitches which have become a source of frustration.I am bumped off of objects when attempting to grind my K-drive such on things such as rails or the large pipe near Fortuna recently after the orb valis profit taker update, I get launched off of my K-drive mid air while attempting to perform tricks, causing my frame to ragdoll. I know that it is usual to get launched off the K-drive and when colliding with an object but it is irregular to be launched off the board mid air. this keeps me from acquiring any standing with the ventkids.


Another set of glitches i have ruins fishing. Although on some occasions fishing works correctly I sometimes glitch when i throw bait or dyes instead of landing in the water and attracting/highlighting fish they fall through the water and vanish never to be seen again. When I throw fishing spears in the water and miss a fish they sometimes glitch and spin around me and do not return for 2-5 minutes keeping me from moving or capturing more fish, allowing the fish swim away. (The bait, spear, and k-drive also glitch in the plains). Recently I found that the cave hotspots on the orb valis vanish after being discovered. although some work others dissipate in seconds making it all the more difficult to fish for synthaid and charmote. I do not have the worlds greatest internet connection and I think it may be the source of my glitching but I wonder if other people suffer the same glitches and if there is a way the glitches can be fixed.

the most peculiar and unexpected glitch was entering Fortuna from the Orb Valis only to discover the Profit Taker was inside Fortuna with me and after a while it began to attack and walk around.




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Found another glitch
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