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Let's rework Stug!


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Suggested changes:

  • Faster charge time, maybe about half
  • Faster flight speed, maybe around 30~50%
  • Faster reload speed, I suggest 1.2~1.4 seconds
  • To compensate, lower damage(maybe? probably not necessary, but without testing who knows) and smaller magazine or higher ammo consumption(half mag size or double ammo consumption)
  • Projectiles explode immediately on contact with an enemy unless adhesive mod is used
  • Projectile life is extended to a few seconds(6~8 maybe?)
  • Primary fire charges, secondary sprays with reduced accuracy and flight speed, maybe even an amount of random inbuilt multishot that divides damage for a real goop spray-down feeling

We all love the GES Biopistol, so let's make it great again!

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