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I was in a random squad of 4 in high index to farm up them dank credits while the double credit weekend was on. We were doing a 1 hour run. 55min into the run our host disconnected and me and the rhino were the only 2 that had connected back. Anyway the enemies had stopped spawning and i got one shot by the last remaining enemy. I also could not respawn back into the game with my timer being at -200 seconds. My team mate was also lucky enough to collect of the last of the remaining points we needed to end the round so we could leave with our 8 rounds of earnings. But that was also bugged. The thing that counted how many points were needed was full and said completed and we still could not leave. in the end we had to leave by quitting the mission and losing all our credits. I have left a screenshot below to help you guys get a better understanding. 

P.S if possible would love to have our credits back, both me and rhino had weekend booster and credit booster on when we ran this mission our IGNs: desertskyz and Masakudos


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