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when i trade it says i have 15plat only but when i press esc to check it says i have 230


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So i just claimed my discord nitro Reverence Pack and got 440p so i bought nidus and everything was fine until i went to trade with someone it only said i have 15p but when i press esc to check it says i have 230p, so any idea why this is happening and is there a fix?

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I believe you can't give this plat to another player.

In the game there's 2 types of plat: starting plat (and i believe plat from a pack is considered to be of this type) and plat that is bought by players for real money. And there is no place in the game where you can see how much starting plat you have by now.

If you recieve any plat via trade from another player -- that plat is surely of the second type. So i think you recieved your 15 plat via trade. You can use this plat for trade.
On the other hand, starting plat can't be transfered between players. You can spend it in any other way. IMO, the best of this ways is for slots, but you may consider the other ways, like to buy a booster, other market items, etc. I don't recommend to spend it for speeding up item crafting in the foundry.

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If this really is the case, that you got over 200 untradeable plat, I'd by at least 1 good cosmetic. Try maybe the Saturated Color pack (there is a near perfect match for Orokin Gold in it!), or maybe a nice cape you like, that you can get a lotta mileage out of. Then save the rest for slots or potatoes.


But try to make sure this is really the case. It'd also be a shame to waste all this plat that could be traded for prime parts, or other valuable items.

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