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Baruuk's Infinite Serene Storm


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When "Serene Storm" is active during a host migration, the exalted weapon "Desert Winds" replaces your melee weapon on load in. I have footage of this in use (unfortunately, it captured the audio of the video i was watching while leveling in Akkad; excuse the quality, I'm new to game recording), but not of the actual migration. I'd test this for replication now, but currently my friends are all offline, so you should be able to reproduce this using the steps below. 

Video included: This showcases the fact that I can quick-melee using Desert Winds and if you pay attention, I have a Falcor on my wrist which I cannot utilize. View on my google drive herePlease mute this, unless you enjoy hearing YouTubers talk about other games; I have no idea how to remove audio or cut down video length.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play an endless mission
  2. Play Baruuk as normal, and activate Serene Storm close to the first "leave/stay" choice. Do not deactivate Serene Storm.
    1. I had less than 50% restraint when this occurred.
  3. Host leaves at first wave (while this isn't the only way to force host migration by any means, its how it happened to me)
  4. You should end up spawning back into the new session with your melee weapon, Desert Winds, equipped. 
  5. Weapon swapping should cycle through primary, secondary, and Desert Winds, ignoring your currently equipped melee.

edit: removed video link because it's a 600mb file that can't be viewed online.

Edited by adaenis
google drive doesn't allow for streaming of videos online
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