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Name Pending for Love Frame.


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Well, now that there is a frame of peace, love should unify the Tenno. I don't really know how this frame should look but I do think this kit would be cool to see on a frame. It's a support/CC frame in my opinion but should be able to fulfill the role of caster as well. However, this frames should make people consider their morality when in use and how horrible people are.


Shields/HP100/150 (300/450 at rank 30)

Energy: 100 (150 at rank 30)


Sprint Speed100


Passive: Awestruck

Enemies that target him will hesitate before firing at him. They will also fire less frequently at him in general. Infested will also attack less frequent even if he's right in front of them.


1st Ability: Power of Love

Channel love into a laser that will grant allies power strength if it hits them. Enemies hit are consumed by the power of love and become attracted to a random enemy nearby. The enemy hit by the laser is also irradiated.

Power Strength: Grants 10/15/20/25% power strength to an ally. Deals 69/96/123/150 Radiation damage with 100% Status Chance.

Power Duration: Buff lasts for 6/9/12/15 seconds. Attraction and irradiation lasts for 10/15/20/25 seconds

Power Range: 50m laser. Attracts to the closest enemy within 15m but will be stunned when no enemies nearby.

Cost: 25 Energy


2nd Ability: Attraction

Shoot an arrow that deals a slight amount of damage to enemies but forces nearby enemies to stop firing and run towards the arrowed target. The target can be both an ally or enemy and requires a target to cast. This ability can not miss because true love never misses.

Power Strength: Deals 185/200/215/230 Puncture damage

Power Duration: Lasts 3/4/5/6 seconds

Power Range: 3/5/7/9m

Cost: 50 Energy


3rd Ability: Unity

Unite the enemies in an area into one unit. If an enemy in the area takes damage, the same amount of damage is dealt to all enemies within the area. Headshots will only deal normal damage to other enemies (but will still register as a headshot to the original target. Crits deals the same damage to all targets but enemies will not share status effects. AoE damage will only be dealt once per tick of damage but multishot and shotguns will register different damage per projectile. Punch through will not work at all.

Power Duration: Lasts 4/6/8/10 seconds

Power Range: 3/4/5/6m radius

Cost: 75 Energy


4th Ability: Heartbreaker

Make enemies feel the agonizing pain of heartbreak that will slowly consume their heart. Enemies take damage over time and after 3 seconds, the enemy breaks down and cries. While the enemy is crying, they are vulnerable to finisher but are unable to take any outside damage. Choose to spare them for later or mercilessly kill a heartbroken enemy.

Power Strength: Deals 100/150/200/250 Toxin damage per second

Power Duration: 5/7/9/11 seconds

Power Range: Lobs a bomb that explodes in a 6/9/12/15m radius

Cost: 100 Energy


Final Note: The choice is yours. These enemies are abused to the fullest extent of torture possible to humankind. I'm not sure if it's the same for aliens or clones or infested but this is the worst. Are you willing to turn their emotions against them or leave them be. Seems like an unfair dilemma and a complex question fallacy but morality should play more of a role in Warframe.


Feel free to leave comments on what his name should be. This concept is based off of Cupid from Roman Mythology. However, the name is too generic so I want some advice on a unique name. Also, if you want to give a description of this frame's appearance, I'll be glad to hear it. Nothing inappropriate though. Balance is a large issue here too so you can give comments on it but DE will probably balance it separately if this concept does get their attention.

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