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[Fan Concept]Gladious, The Ardent Warrior; Bringer of Glory


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This is Gladious. The Ardent and The Glorious. His steely exterior is not only for show Tenno for within him lies a power told only in legend. Wroth from the from the fevered throes of War, molded by the Virtues of Courage, and steeled by the crimson blood of Glory; He stands above all. He leads the charge into battle without fear in his heart, will you follow him, Tenno?


In the early years of the Old War, before the Ballas would even create the first Warframes from the Helminth strain, there where the soldiers of the Grinner and the Dax that fought for the Orokin empire. Akio was one of the Dax who was sent to fight. Being larger and much stronger than the other Dax, Akio was one of the Orokins first picks for a frontline commander. He believed in honor in battle and victory above all else. He was so loyal to his Orokin masters that if it is that if they so wished him to kill a family member or himself, he would do it without question. Such loyalty and zeal were rewarded in the Empire. Soon, stories of his prowess in battle and relentless strength spread through the Empire and he became a symbol of the war effort. The one standing against the evil Sentients who seek to destroy them. It was this that lead him to the warframe project. Many Sentients had fallen to his blade but he knew his strength alone as a Dax would not be enough to end this war. He was the first volunteer for the warframe project willing to do anything to protect his masters and the Empire. Through the painful process, his skin turned to steel and his body transformed growing larger and stronger. He could feel this new power surging through him, a power he could use to against the enemy. He was named Gladious that day, a name he found fitting of his new form. His masters granted him a new sword, a massive greatsword named Ekio. It was said to be so large and heavy that only Gladious could wield its gilded majesty. With his new power and perfect blade, he returned to the battlefield, a new threat.

It was said that he would lead the charge into battle, without fear, swinging his sword in wide sweeping arcs cutting down all in his path. His very presence was said to instill fear in the Sentients and bolster the resolve of his own men. They would follow him, sword in hand, even if death met them, they died with honor in a blaze of glory. The Sentients were being pushed back, this new machine of sorts was destroying them any front he was on so they devised a plan. They would lure him into an ambush.

A few weeks past without a Sentient attack when all transmission from the outpost on Eris stopped. The Orokin feared the worst and immediately dispatched Gladious and his small army of Dax to the outpost. What they found was an empty outpost, no signs of life but also no signs of a battle. It was as if they had all disappeared. Deeper into the base they went until the trap was sprung. Hundreds of Mimics appeared and began viciously attacking his army. One by one they fell even after they had come to their senses. The battle was thrown into full force as the Dax struggled but to no avail; there were to many. Gladious fought against the endless horde, cutting down countless Sentients as his men fell. If he was to die, he would take them all with him. He impaled his sword into ground and channeled all his power into a final burst of energy, but it snuffed out. The Mimics wore him down until he was overwhelmed by their sheer number. Even the fires of glory could not save this legend now. Once the dust cleared and Sentients retreated, all that was left was Ekio still impaled in the ground. Though the Sentients achieved their goal, Gladious made it costly. He bought the Empire enough time to turn the tide and so he became immortalized in legend.


His quest will involve Teshin and the conclave. Teshin will explain that it is time to test your skills and as your progress, he will tell you the Legend of Gladious. Teshin will believe him to be a great Dax warrior but Ordis will note that the acts of this Gladious sounds like those of a warframe. Thusly, after fighting a battle with Teshin, you will use this information to travel to Eris to find his blade. Once found, a specter of Gladious will appear and you must prove your worth to him. Afterward, Orids will analyze Ekio and reverse engineer the parts of Gladious but you will need to go to specific areas mentioned in the legend to gain more data to finish the pieces. Once you have built all the pieces, return to Teshin and he will reveal to you that he knew the truth and was grateful you brought back the old legend to life. He will grant you his blueprint. If you use Gladious around Teshin he will address him Akio, his old friend.


His design shall be reminiscent of an armored Dax with more Samurai influences mixed with the Orokin style. Large pauldrons will adorned his shoulders his helmet will feature a V-shaped visor of sorts under a large hat. His body will be bulkier than most all warframes as well.

Base Stats

Armor: 450
Energy: 375
Health: 650
Shields: 100
Sprint speed: 1.00



As Gladious attacks, he builds up stacks on his glory meter. Each stack grants him
4% health, 3% armor, and 1% attack speed. This caps out at 100 stacks. Taking fatal damage will consume 50 stacks and put Gladious into an invincible state for 1 second. Following this, he gains doubled the effects of his passive if it were fully stacked and has his half regened to half. He does not gain stacks during this form.  This lasts 10 seconds.

In his lore, he is this relentless machine of war that is almost impossible to stop in battle and as the battle rages on he becomes even more unstoppable ss his glory grows

When his passive procs, he will emit energy from his hands, feet, and blade like channeling on steroids and his metallics will shine bright even in the dark.



With his will unbreakable and his courage like steel, Gladious cannot be CCed and gains a buff to his combo counter.

I wanted an ability that just made him feel like a frontline berserker, but with more control. This is supposed to promote melee gameplay.

This is a duration based ability non recastable

Base duration: 15s modable
2x combo gain unmodable
5s to the combo duration modable

He will quickly stomp to the right with his arms down to his sides and gain a etheral mantel of sorts behind his head while this is active and his blade will glow brighter as he swings it.

Ardent Repose

Gladious surges his body with energy bolstering his damage and granting himself damage reduction as well as lifesteal. Additional, his melee attacks receive a ranged projectile at the end of a combo.

Another way to promote melee gameplay but still helps out those who want some gunplay as well.  He has a larger health pool and this helps him sustain himself through the heavy damage that is late game warframe.

This is a duration based ability and is recastable.

Base duration: 15s modable
Base damage increase: 100% modable
Lifesteal: 20% unmodable

Damage reduction: 10% modable scales with combo counter(caps out at 95%)

Projectile damage base damage: 350 modable and is affected by melee mods. It travels until it hits a wall. When using Ekio, it will have infinite punch through. If active during Grand Flourish, a projectile will charge based upon the damage dealt and will be released at the end of Grand Flourish.

He will briefly brandish his current melee across his body and gain this drapes of energy on him that flicker off like embers from a fire and the projectile will like a slice of fire that will change shape and angle depending on the melee weapon. Ex. Dual swords and tonfas make an X, Single blades will make a / and glaives sends a ring forward.

Grand Flourish

Gladious wields Ekio in an aggressive display of swordsmanship, dashing forward whilst swinging with reckless abandon.

This is a channeled ability that increases his movement speed as he attacks. Enemies hit are knocked back and down in a slightly longer animation than normal. Enemies have that survive have their armor and shields reduced and have their accuracy reduced dazed by the fierce attack that just hit them. He also receives damage reduction during this ability that will remain afterward for the remain duration of Relentless if active. This ability does increase his combo counter.

Base damage: 400 Affected by how you mod Ekio
Debuff: 20% to shields, armor, and accuracy modable(accuracy debuff capped at 50%)
Debuff duration: 10s modable
Radius: 5m modable
Angle: 315° unmodable(the hitbox angle)
Damage reduction: 50% modable 
Energy/s: 5 modable

This will have him wielding Ekio and slashing in front of him kinda like the neutral Tempo Royale combo. He will emit a field of blazing energy that shows the hitbox of this ability.

Exalted Rally

Gladious Rallies his allies behind him emanating an aura of power and strength that fills them with resolve. Afterward, he will wield Ekio in battle.

This will be a channeled ability that grants allies all of his current buffs whether those be from his abilities or from his companions such as smeeta kavat's charm. This also grants additional power strength and doubles the duration of all of his abilities. If he is at max stacks when activating this, the effects are doubled so long as he remains at max stacks.

This a channeled ability

Ekio damage: 850 modable
Base range: 25m modable

Additional power strenght: 25% unmodable 
Energy/s: 10 modable

He will impale the ground with Ekio(pulling it off his back) sending out tenrils of energy that surge into a massive raident aura emanating from him. He will then pull Ekio out of the ground and attack. He is damage immune during this animation.

Ekio's combos are extremely wide reaching with large swings. His main combo will be wide crescents infront of him. The block combo with send him into large spinning attacks with uppercuts inbetween. His foward combo will have him dashing and then doing a 180 swipe into a large uppercut then a spin into a dash. His side combo will involve throwing Ekio and the dashing to it then doing a slam attack. Finally, his back combo will involve large diagonal strikes finishing with a dash forward whilst spinning.

Overall, Gladious is a utility tank that commands presence on the battlefield and bolsters allies in all kinds of engagements. Share your thoughts below!

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